It's a scenario many drivers fear - locking keys in the car. But when this happens, what kind of support can you expect from your car insurance provider? There are several myths surrounding the "locked keys in car" situation and the extent of coverage provided by insurance companies. This blog aims to dispel these myths and provide clarity on what actually falls under the purview of roadside assistance for locked keys in car.

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Myth 1: Insurance Always Covers Costs for Locked Keys in Cars

Reality: It's a common belief that if you have locked keys in your car, your insurance policy will automatically cover the cost of unlocking it. However, this is not always the case. Coverage for locked keys in car largely depends on the type of policy you have. Some insurance policies offer roadside assistance as an included or optional feature, which might cover lockout services. Always check your policy details or speak with your insurance provider to understand your coverage.

Myth 2: Roadside Assistance - Locked Keys in Car Is Expensive

Reality: The cost of roadside assistance for locked keys in car can vary, but it's often more affordable than people expect. Many insurance policies that include roadside assistance don't require additional payment for lockout services. Even if it's not included in your standard policy, adding roadside assistance coverage is generally cost-effective and can save you money and hassle in the long run.

Myth 3: Any Locksmith Can Be Reimbursed by Insurance

Reality: If you're locked out of your car and decide to call a locksmith directly, be cautious. Not all insurance policies will reimburse you for the cost unless the locksmith is part of their approved network. Before taking any action, it's best to contact your insurance provider or roadside assistance service to ensure you're using an approved service provider.

Myth 4: Roadside Assistance Takes a Long Time to Respond

Reality: Another myth is that roadside assistance, especially for locked keys in car, can take a long time to arrive. While response times can vary based on location, traffic, and time of day, many insurance companies have efficient systems and networks to ensure prompt service. In many cases, help arrives much quicker than expected.

Myth 5: Lockout Services Can Damage Your Car

Reality: There's a misconception that the methods used by roadside assistance services to unlock a car can damage the vehicle. Professional roadside assistance providers are equipped with the right tools and expertise to unlock vehicles without causing damage. While there's always a slight risk, the probability of damage is minimal when using a reputable service.

Myth 6: All Insurance Policies Cover Lockouts

Reality: It's often assumed that every car insurance policy includes coverage for situations like locked keys in a car. However, this is not a standard feature across all policies. Coverage for lockouts is typically provided under roadside assistance, which may be an additional option in your insurance plan. Policyholders should review their coverage details or consult their insurance agents to understand their specific policy's provisions.

Myth 7: Roadside Assistance Is Always Expensive

Reality: The perception that roadside assistance, especially for locked keys in a car, is costly is widespread. In reality, many insurance policies include roadside assistance at a nominal fee or sometimes as a complimentary feature. Adding roadside assistance to your policy usually offers great value for the cost, providing peace of mind for a variety of roadside emergencies, including lockouts.

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Myth 8: Any Locksmith Service Will Be Covered

Reality: A common misunderstanding is that if you’re locked out of your car, you can call any locksmith, and your insurance will cover the expense. In truth, insurance policies may only reimburse services from approved locksmiths or through their roadside assistance network. It's advisable to contact your insurance provider before hiring a locksmith to ensure their service is covered.

Myth 10: Roadside Assistance for Lockouts Is Slow

Reality: Many drivers believe that roadside assistance services, particularly for locked keys in a car, are slow to respond. However, most insurance companies have extensive networks and systems in place to ensure quick and efficient service. Response times can depend on your location and the time of the call, but many drivers find that help arrives faster than they anticipate.

Myth 11: Lockout Services Damage Your Vehicle

Reality: There's a prevailing myth that methods used in lockout services can harm your vehicle. However, professional roadside assistance teams are equipped with specialized tools and training to unlock cars without causing damage. While there's always a small risk, the likelihood of damage is considerably low when using reputable services.

Myth 12: Roadside Assistance Only Helps with Lockouts

Reality: A common misconception is that roadside assistance is limited to helping with locked keys in car. In reality, these services typically cover a range of roadside emergencies, including towing, flat tire changes, battery jump-starts, and emergency fuel delivery. It's a comprehensive service designed to assist with various types of vehicle-related issues.

Myth 13: Roadside Assistance Coverage Is Redundant If You Have AAA

Reality: Some drivers assume that having a service like AAA makes having roadside assistance through their insurance redundant. Each service, however, has its own set of benefits and limitations. Having both can provide more comprehensive coverage and flexibility, especially if you frequently travel or have multiple vehicles.

Myth 14: Lockout Coverage Includes Lost Keys Replacement

Reality: It's often mistakenly believed that roadside assistance services will cover the cost of replacing lost car keys. Generally, lockout services are designed to help you gain entry to your vehicle if your keys are locked inside. Replacement of lost keys typically falls outside the scope of standard roadside assistance and may require separate coverage or out-of-pocket expenses.


Understanding the realities of what your car insurance covers in terms of roadside assistance locked keys in car is crucial. It's important to dispel these common myths and know the facts. Being informed not only helps in making the right choices regarding your insurance policy but also ensures that you're adequately prepared for such unforeseen situations. Remember, the best approach is always to check your insurance policy details and understand the extent of your coverage for locked keys in a car.