Two New Rules Virginia Drivers Must Know Before They Renew Their Policy

Take a very close look at your next insurance bill before you pay it.

authorCraig JohnsonDecember 21st, 2023

With a whopping 260 million drivers in the US seeking coverage, it’s no surprise this revolutionary startup has become the go-to for millions. In November alone, thousands of drivers used this platform hoping to claim massive insurance discounts.

There is a long list of discounts that drivers simply do not claim. The average driver can save up to $526/year by following these rules.

First off, if your car has automatic headlights, air-bags, or an anti-lock breaking system – you may qualify for a modern car discount. Even 2 or 3 of these could lead to significant savings.

Second, to maximize your savings, you’ll want to claim discounts specific to your driving record. Risk averse insurers will often give massive discounts to drivers who have had no traffic tickets for 3 years. And if you’ve avoided accidents for 3 years or more, you may also get a safe driver discount.

Additionally, Virginia drivers that live in safe zip codes with lower rates of crime may save even more.

If you’ve been with your same insurance company for the last several years, there is a high chance you are overpaying for insurance. Unfortunately, loyalty in the insurance industry is one-sided and it is often new customers that get the best rates. If you take a look at your most recent bills, you’ll likely notice that your rates have gone up, despite sticking with the same company all these years.

Luckily, finding a better deal is quick and easy because of online platforms that require insurance companies to compete for your business. This allows drivers to compare discounted rates from a vast network of licensed insurers.

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